Volumetric vs Barrel Mixing

Volumetric vs Barrel Mixed

Volumetric concrete mixing has changed the way the industry works, offering a number of advantages over barrel mixed and drum mixed options. This enables us to cut the cost of your concrete order and prevent unnecessary waste.

Benefits of volumetric mixed concrete

  • Concrete can be mixed on-site, with no risk of over ordering
  • The individual ingredients of the concrete mix are stored in separate compartments, allowing the mix to be tailored to on-site requirements or altered depending on the weather
  • Only what’s needed is mixed, meaning no waste of materials
  • Volumetric mixers can store up to 10m³ – almost twice the amount of traditional drum mixers
  • No money is wasted, only the amount required is paid for
  • Drum mixed concrete has a limited time frame for use between mixing at the plant and arriving at your site – volumetric mixing negates this problem

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Our service includes

  • Total mix flexibility – change from dry to wet
  • High quality materials
  • Long chutes for ease of pouring

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